Mixed choir

Choral ensembles of Music Academy are very important since they gather students of non-instrumental departments, i.e. departments for which singing is the expansion of musical interests.

Actually, Academy does not educate a professional choir singer through separate classes but within classes in the course Choir and some other courses, many students acquire sufficient knowledge to select choral singing as their career, e.g. in the Choir of Opera of National Theatre in Sarajevo and elsewhere.

The concentration of Choral conducting at Academy includes the activity of mixed choir and occasionally, if a program requires it, a women’s choir. Choral ensembles perform an important part of programs of Academy’s artistic events, at least once a year within May Festivities; it should also be noted that ad hoc formed Academy’s ensembles perform at a number of academic events or on the occasion of some events related to other faculties or institutions in Sarajevo. For many years, choral ensembles are led by prof. Rešad Arnautović with the teaching assistant Alma Aganspahić.


Concert Season includes festivals May Music Festivities, Sonemus Fest, Sarajevo International Guitar Festival. May Music Festivities Sarajevo International Guitar Festival Sonemus Fest


Through various forms of concerts (ensemble concerts, all-evening recitals, concerts of mixed character), all Academy departments are presented as well as their rich artistic and concert activity. Concert season