Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival

Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival (SCMF) and Sarajevo Chamber Music Institute (SCMI) ate two related events of particular significance for Music Academy and cultural environment where Academy operates. These two artistic festival events are organized by Academy of Music and Manhattan String Quartet (USA).. The cultural mission of Festival and Institute is the presentation of selected pieces of chamber music in the first-class performance and improvement of playing skills of participants of music workshops, students from Sarajevo and other musical centers in closer and broader environment, which in turn results in raising the level of artistic practice in our society.

The first SCMF was organized from 8 to 16 July 2011, by Chris Finckel, a cellist of Manhattan String Quartet (MSQ), pianist Dino Mulić, Festival director, and Ivan Čavlović, Dean of Music Academy at the time. The first SCMF is of historic significance, among other things, because five of its concert evenings were devoted to the performance of all 15 string quartets by Dmitri Shostakovich. MSQ has performed all Shostakovich’s concerts for a few times in its career, and Sarajevo is one of few European destinations where such a thing happened.

According to many, the fifth SCMF and SCMI held from 24 August to 1 September 2015 were the most successful so far; seven concerts achieved the goal set at the first SCMF, i.e. to inaugurate art of the highest possible degree in the selection of pieces, their performance, and in the organization and audience’s delight.

A total of six SCMF have been organized so far.

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